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Dr. Bryce & Dr. Tami Chaffee, Dr. Aaron Compton, Dr. Zack Kager & Dr. Maria Reis  Chiropractors in Wooster, OH
Dr. Jeremy Flanders, Chiropractor in Berlin, OH

Welcome to Chaffee Chiropractic, where your health is our number one concern. We combine a multitude of treatments to provide our patients with faster, longer-lasting correction of their health conditions. We utilize chiropractic manipulation, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, massage therapy, nutritional and wellness coaching, nutritional supplementation and education to achieve this desired result.  Our approach does not include surgery or medications, which means you get alternatives that are non-invasive, personalized, hands-on, and effective.

Whether you are suffering from an injury, a chronic condition or want to achieve a higher level of wellness, successful healthcare follows a basic cycle: manage the pain, correct the problem, and then work to prevent the problem from returning.The importance of prevention should not be overlooked. To achieve total well being, we believe it is vital that you become actively involved in your own recovery. The best results come from a combination of our treatment applications, your willingness to become more educated about your health, and committing to living a healthy lifestyle.

Chaffee Chiropractic Clinic wants to be an important partner in your health care.

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